The Apartment Complex in Pechersk

Construction and finishing work in the Signature Apartment Complex goes on as planned.

Finishing and installation of supporting systems continue in the Signature Apartment Complex, the new elite building in downtown Kyiv.

The best residential complex in the Pecherskyi District keeps on building up. The authors of the project follow the philosophy of crisis as a time of challenge and change. They see it as an opportunity to prove their leading positions in the market. Therefore, all the work planned previously for 2020 is steaming ahead at full speed.

Monolithic framework construction of the Signature Apartment Complex is ready. The glazing of three towers is in progress: it is 80% complete on average. The waterproof coating now covers all the tower roofs, and the workers fit ventilation systems, sewer pipes, heating equipment, and fire extinguishing systems. In the stylobate part of the Signature Apartment Complex, the prestigious new building in downtown Kyiv, the finishing of the walls has started.

The Pearl of Pechersk

The location always plays a role in setting the status and the price of housing. The adverb ‘most’ easily suits Pechersk: it is the calmest and the safest district with the most developed infrastructure and the most appealing as an investment. Therefore, there is always quite many people who want to buy an apartment in a new building in Pechersk, and the demand for elite real estate remains consistently high there.

The Signature is an iconic apartment complex of the Pecherskyi District. A unique city-within-a-city concept of the complex allows apartment owners to be in the center of the capital's life and keep their privacy at the same time. The entire infrastructure of the most fashionable new building in Pechersk serves its residents.

Comfort and safety

The three towers embody a new level of comfort and quality of life. The residents get a five-star service 24/7, a multi-stage security and fire safety system, and a fully-equipped medical office with a physician on duty around the clock. The physician can consult residents online or personally and give recommendations on treatment. Emergency care, if required, will be provided professionally in-situ as the specialist has the appropriate qualification and equipment to provide first aid.

The coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine measures in all countries of the world, including Ukraine, emphasize the importance of hygiene and quality cleaning. The Signature Apartment Complex offers cleaning service by an experienced team. They will not only make the apartments neat and do the seasonal cleanup of the territory but also carry out routine disinfection if required. We care about the health and safety of the apartment owners.

A new exclusive and stylish building in Pechersk, the Signature Apartment Complex sets new traditions of premium real estate in the heart of the capital.


Frequently asked questions about an apartment complex in Pechersk

💎 What are the advantages of buying an apartment in a residential complex in Pechersk?

The downtown location of housing influences its value and attractiveness for people who prefer comfort. Pechersk is the calmest and safest district of the capital, making it the most enticing area for investment. The demand for elite real estate in Pechersk remains consistently high year on year.

The apartment complex in Pechersk implies a convenient transport hub that allows you to quickly reach the business center of Kyiv, the government quarter, the best brand stores, parks, clubs, restaurants, theaters, and galleries in the historical part of the city. It is the most sparsely populated district of the capital: therefore, it is the cleanest and quietest one.

⭐ What is the best apartment complex in Pechersk?

It is the Signature Apartment Complex, the pearl of Pechersk. The unique city-within-a-city concept allows its residents to be in the center of events of the capital and keep their privacy at the same time. It is possible because the new building’s infrastructure entirely focuses on the residents.

This residential complex boasts extensive underground parking, a closed courtyard complex, own heating and water purification systems. It also offers its residents apartments with spacious terraces and views of the penthouses right in downtown Kyiv.

💎 What is the most expensive complex in Kyiv’s Pechersk?

The Signature Apartment Complex is rightfully the most expensive residential complex in Pechersk. Its façade features smooth lines flowing from one level to another, setting it apart from the commonplace metropolitan buildings. These natural and plastic shapes form an essential part of the architectural ensemble, created in a parametric style.

The decision to live in a prestigious downtown district of Kyiv belongs to rational people who value their time and want to be in the heart of the business and cultural events in the capital. The Signature Apartment Complex provides everything for such a life: comfortable apartments, luxurious penthouses, large underground parking, and proprietary infrastructure, including a SPA and a boutique gallery.

⭐ What is the most elite apartment complex in downtown Kyiv?

The new elite building of the Signature Apartment Complex in Pechersk embodies new traditions of premium real estate in the downtown. The residents of the complex receive five-star service 24/7, multi-stage security and fire safety system, spacious underground parking, and an infrastructure complex located in the multi-level stylobate.

Additionally, the apartment complex has a fully-equipped medical office, own cleaning service, and a professional car parking service, Valet Parking. The building’s location in the very heart of the historical center of the capital makes the Signature Apartment Complex a pearl of elite real estate in Kyiv.