Showroom in the Signature: How Your Apartment Might Look

A showroom will open soon in the Signature Apartment Complex. Pay a visit there to witness the high quality of all materials and the craftsmanship of the construction team that created the residential complex.

The showroom is an open demonstration space. It features complete apartments designed in a white-box concept by the architects. It is done with a purpose so that future owners could see with their own eyes and even touch the walls and partitions, evaluate the smoothness of surfaces, and understand how internal communications are arranged.

In the white-box showroom, the workers have already installed all the engineering networks, including:

  • heating system pipes;
  • built-in floor convectors from Kampmann (Germany);
  • a supply and exhaust ventilation;
  • cold and hot water supply systems with Uponor polypropylene pipes;
  • sewage riser pipes, made of high-strength cast iron by Duker (Germany);
  • toilet bowls (Geberit);
  • a sprinkler fire extinguishing system by Geberit Mapress and a fire alarm system;
  • a lighting and power network wiring;
  • distribution boards with internal components;
  • noise and waterproof insulations in the apartment and functioning heated floors in the bathroom.
  • drywall soundproof partitions of the Knauf W 112 system are placed according to the internal zoning blueprint to provide a high level of noise insulation and acoustic comfort in rooms.

The white-box concept is one of the bundle proposals from the Signature Apartment Complex. In addition to fitting the engineering networks, it offers installation of wooden fire-resistant doors from COMTURE (Germany) and proper setup of a Smart Home system.

Hospitality is a valuable trait and even considered a Ukrainian national trademark. We invite you for a visit, and we want to show you how your apartment might look in the basic configuration because a primary inside work is one of the most crucial stages. The service life of your project depends on how well roughing in and first-time finishing work is done.

We understand how much energy and time is needed to complete work on your new apartment. This is why we developed two more service packages for you: "Interior" and "Interior Plus". In individual collaboration with architects and designers of the Signature Design Management, you will surely create an apartment of your dreams. By choosing one of the packages, you will not have to worry about buying the required materials, hiring workers, monitoring the work progress before completing the project. Your personal project manager will fulfill all these tasks upon your approval of each renovation stage and the design of the apartment.

Our partners are the world's leading companies in the production of construction and finishing materials, furniture, sanitary hardware, and other home accessories. They are interested in the implementation of big complex stylish projects and ready to offer owners of the Signature apartments the best price quote, a pleasant bonus for you.