An Apartment with Panoramic Windows in Kyiv: Fancy Dream or a Rational Choice?

Floor-to-ceiling windows and breathtaking views are one of the top selection criteria of a premium apartment. Even when booking accommodation for a vacation, many people prefer to pay extra for apartments with panoramic windows so that they could enjoy the beautiful landscapes. When it comes to an apartment in Kyiv, the view from one’s windows plays a decisive role.

Advantages of an apartment with panoramic windows in Kyiv:

Buyers of respectable apartments with panoramic view deem the following characteristics mandatory:

  • The maximum area of panoramic glazing;
  • A lookout overseeing historic center or stylish modern buildings;
  • Direct access for the natural light;
  • High level of heat saving and noise insulation;
  • Safety of frame construction, fastenings, and glazing.

Developers of modern apartment complexes with panoramic windows try to comply with all requirements and standards, of course. To do this, they carefully select the construction site and calculate all the project details. Thanks to the ultimate downtown location of the Signature apartment complex, 11a, Mechnikova St., its apartments offer a gorgeous view of the capital’s center.

The parametric architecture of the complex allows for an extensive glazing area, which provides a wider view angle and lets the maximum volume of sunlight pass into panoramic apartments.

Modern solutions and technologies in the stained glass window industry

All apartments with panoramic windows and public spaces of the complex are equipped with exclusive Schüco 2x3 profiles. They are produced and delivered to Ukraine specifically for the Signature project. All profiles use the patented "thermal bridge" technology with increased thermal insulation rates and a highly reliable proprietary lift-and-slide system.

The frames hold Saint Gobain energy-saving double-glazed windows 10x10x8mm thick. The Signature apartment complex uses the latest construction technologies and innovative materials to keep apartments with big windows warm and comfortable at any time of the year.

The Signature paid special attention when constructing individual terraces in the panoramic apartments. Shatterproof triplex glass fencing provides increased durability and does not obstruct the view of the capital. In the bends, where the architectural design envisages technological contractions, additional glass is installed for the safety of children.

Having studied all the features of panoramic studio apartments in Kyiv, we can conclude that this option offers a harmonious combination of two important advantages: a dream come true of a modern apartment with a view and a rational choice, in which all the details are designed for maximum comfort.