Comfortable Living Environment Instead of Plain Space:

A New Experience in the Construction Market of Ukraine

Uncompromised comfort, quality of life, style in every detail, and harmony of internal and external spaces come to the fore as main criteria when it comes to premium-class apartments. Buyers of such housing have their approach to finding a proper object. They prefer to see a bigger picture: from the surroundings and the lobby of the residential complex to stylishly decorated modern apartments.

That is why the Signature Apartment Complex created in-house Signature Design Management division, so that future residents could get a comprehensive idea and feel of their future life in the environment. The professional team of architects, designers, and engineers can create a perfect living space in every apartment. It provides an organic continuation of the Signature’s concept but in an individual configuration.

Apartments in the Signature Apartment Complex have a free layout, which allows for their full transformation according to the needs of owners. Arrangement of internal walls, rooms, technical compartments, communications, and wet zones can maximally adapt each space to the lifestyle of its residents.

The Signature Design Management team will develop a complete design project: from communication hubs and internal partitions to finishing and arrangement of furniture, appliances, and decorations.

Thanks to direct contracts with renowned international manufacturers of finishing materials, furniture, and home appliances, customers also have an opportunity to get attractive price quotes for the selected items.

Thus, we witness a new approach getting traction in the Ukrainian construction market. It does not focus on the construction and sale of square meters of plain space. Instead, the new way focuses on the creation and sale of an organic environment. Such an environment incorporates all modern trends and practices of other markets, which have already introduced this integrated approach.