Life on top

The construction of the Signature apartment complex is rapidly approaching the final, and already in 2021, the facility will be commissioned. Along with the high level of readiness of the complex, the completion of roofing and the arrangement of terraces should be highlighted. Terraces will be located on the roofs of all 3 towers and will be available to the owners of the penthouses. Today, waterproofing, insulation, cap, and paving slabs are already completed. It remains to lay the terrace board, which is finishing coating, and arrange the terrace to your liking.

For many, a terrace is a necessary space and indispensable condition for buying a home. Undoubtedly, apartments with a terrace provide new functionality, aesthetic pleasure from the magnificent panorama of the city and a special place for your leisure. Besides, apartments with a terrace expand the boundaries of housing and provide residents with an almost suburban level of comfort.

The terrace is exactly the place where you can enjoy the open space, create a gallery with incredible greenery, or use it for outdoor activities, sunbathing or enjoying a family dinner. Its functionality depends on your future plans. Moreover, when life dictates new quarantine conditions, a terrace is a territory where your comfort and safety will be constant.

The Signature apartment complex offers apartments with terraces from 50 to 190 square meters. You can use services of Signature design management experts who will realize your wildest dreams, offer elegant solutions, and help set up the terrace according to your life rhythm. They will carefully think through all the details and make the terrace a territory of maximum comfort.

Call us +38 044 33 777 99, and we will help you choose apartments with a terrace and offer the best options for creating individual housing. We invite you to the Signature apartment complex sales department at Mechnikova str., 11A, where you will be introduced to the architecture of the future in the most modern apartment complex of the capital.