The Monolithic Framework Is Complete

The construction of reinforced concrete structures for the Signature towers has finished. The monolithic framework is complete, and it means that the teams have already begun finishing work inside the apartment complex.

Today, monolithic construction gained ground as the most popular construction technology in the world because there is no other way to give maximum fixity and stability to a building. At the same time, the process looks quite simple. First, workers construct a metal framework, and then they pour concrete into the cast. The concrete hardens and forms a single-piece structure that can bear heavy loads and even withstand earthquakes. All the famous skyscrapers in the world, such as the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai or the Shard in London, are very reliable in particular due to their monolithic reinforced concrete framework. The rigid connection of floors and foundation eliminates the risk of displacement and changes in the alignment.

Monolithic frame technology is a treasure trove of creative ideas for 21st-century architects because it allows them to implement bold concepts and create modern architectural elements.

The high stylobate creates a foundation of the Signature Apartment Complex and raises the towers above the city with its busy roads and bustle. That is why the street clamor barely reaches the apartments, while the owners of the upper floors apartments will be able to admire incredible views of the capital.

Three elegant towers of the Signature Apartment Complex rise over the Pechersk Hills in downtown Kyiv, causing admiration and interest. Sign up for a tour to meet your future apartment today. The sales department is waiting for you at 11A, Mechnikova Street.