Signature Garden, an Ultimate Hideaway from the Summer Heat

Landscaping of the adjacent territory is near completion

The elite apartment complex offers the highest level of sophistication and comfort both inside and outside. While living downtown, our residents will enjoy their own cozy and green Signature Garden space, away from prying eyes. Currently, we approach completion of the arrangement and landscaping at the roof of the stylobate and in the courtyard of the building.

The Signature Garden project was created by the famous Ukrainian architect Dmytro Aranchii. His works can be found all over the globe. The architect continued the parametric architectural concept of the complex and created a stylish modern environment of its own park.

Currently, active work is underway to arrange the adjacent territory: installation of a fountain, preparation of noble English lawns, and planting of decorative trees and flower beds. The courtyard takes shape right before our eyes. Life will soon be in full swing here.

Access to the inner territory of the Signature Garden is possible only from the building or by invitation of the residents of the complex. This ensures total guaranteed security and confidentiality for all. Everyone here will feel like a guest of a respectable hotel, who can take a break from the daily routine for a while and immerse in an atmosphere of contemplation and relaxation.

Original multi-level lighting, interactive fountain, rock pond, modern playground, sun-drenched areas, and benches in the shade of mature trees – all this creates an actual small park near the apartment in the heart of the capital. Just press the elevator button to get there. This is a benefit that cannot be overestimated.